Lillian DiPiazza: Inspiration & Influence

It was an honor to have my friend, Lillian DiPiazza, a Principal Dancer for the Pennsylvania Ballet, photographed wearing my jewelry. She is exceptionally elegant, graceful, and strong; the kind of beauty I imagine when I design. Lillian's talent as a dancer is entrancing. She has the rare ability to emotionally connect with her audience and transcend the moment. She is a muse, inspiration, and reflects the women I admire most: those who embrace their ambitions, femininity, and personal strength.

Photo by Laura Gordon

The photographs were taken a few days before Lillian departed for Paris to perform with the Paris Opera Ballet. While in Paris, Lillian shares stories of inspiration and influence...

LS:Β What inspires you?
LD: I love to travel and am deeply inspired by the unique energy of a place. Discovering the beauty of nature and the built environment, I love to experience the culture and art that comes from each place. This past summer I was lucky enough to have spent some time in Japan, and some of the my most memorable moments were spent in the Art Islands of Teshima and Naoshima. Navigating the islands by bike and ferry I experiencedΒ a surreal intersection of art, architecture and nature. During the Setouchi Triennale art festival, I was also able to meet and learn about local participating artists and have an incredible dinner in the home of a true culinary artist.Β 

I've spent the past few months now dancing with the Paris Opera Ballet and have been completely inspired by artistic wealth of Paris. Art museums, architecture, and history surround me. But, almost more inspiring is the passion and dedication in see in some of my colleagues in the ballet and the quality and detail of work that goes into each production. Many of the same ballets are performed by different companies around the world, and dancing as a guest with another company I am inspired in finding new moments to enjoy and different stylistic interpretations in these ballets.Β 

LS:Β What do you love most about dance?
LD: Dance is one way we tell and share our human stories. The visual musical portrayal in dance brings what impassions us on stage and to the public. In a personal way, it pushes me to express myself in a more open and vulnerable way. Through dance I have had the opportunity to travel and meet other dancers and artists from so many different countries around the world, which is incredibly rewarding. It's so important to maintain individuality while also understanding and learning from others. Dance is one way we make these connections, when language may not.Β 

Photo by Laura Gordon

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