Inspiration: 2021 Collection

We wake up every day searching for meaning, connection and hope. And each day, I have looked to the horizon as a sanctuary for my soul. It is a way to know my place in the world. To be fully present within it, and reconnect with nature beyond my windows. Author Rachel Carson once wrote, β€œThere is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of natureβ€”the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.” That rhythm of renewal has never felt more vital.Β 

In my newest collection, I was inspired by the boundlessness of nature in its purest elements. Lucent opals from Australia became the vastness of oceans, immortalized in stone. Rich turquoise found in the American Southwest, like fallen pieces of desert skies in my hands. Diamonds strewn across my workspace shone so radiantly, they rivaled the stars. Precious metals pried from the earth have lived entire histories before they pass through many hands, to become part of yours. They become markers of memories, to evolve with every wear, and to remind us of who we are.

My hope is that these pieces stir something visceral within youβ€”a realization that we are all just as much made by nature as the materials themselvesβ€”and just as beautiful, resilient and infinite. To see beyond our horizons is to know that we've limited ourselves by creating boundaries in the first place.

Β Marissa Ring
Lauren Lovette wearing the Marissa opal and diamond ring. Photograph by Stas Komarovski.Β 


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