Inspiration: 2023 Collection

Emily Grace Hime wearing Aneta earrings, Alice ring, Kate necklace. Photograph by Stas Komarovski.

Last year, I became a mother for the first time. As I’ve watched my little one discover the world around her with wonder in her eyes, I find myself overwhelmed by love, knowing life will never be the same as it once was. In yielding my being to a process unfathomably larger than myself,  I felt reborn—unearthing strength and grace I didn’t know I had, rooted in the softest, most vulnerable spaces of my soul.

Stemming from the idea of rebirth, this collection channels the emotive elements of spring: A season of softness and surrender that begs for pause, to see the beauty emerging around us and within us, no matter how small. Mint garnets sparkle with the wildness of young buds about to burst into color. Deeply hued tanzanite teardrops conjure the romance of wisteria climbing garden walls, and hand-carved chalcedony captures the delicate petals of hibiscus in bloom. 

Immersing myself in the poetry of flowers taught me to be my own gatekeeper of time, and to never discredit how much you've grown, as you are still becoming. Here’s to rising each day with intention, awakening hope for new beginnings, and staying where your heart can truly grow.

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