Inspiration: 2022 Collection

Maya Stepper wearing Sayen earrings and Isabel ring. Photograph by Stas Komarovski.

Conceived over a year that tested our limits in ways we could have never imagined, this collection, in many respects, was an inward journey for me. Feeling adrift in the force of life’s current, and meditating on the unpredictable cadence of its ebbs and flows, I sought solace by the sea. Amidst its vastness, one can’t help but feel there are things in life bigger than ourselves. Each of us, a single wave among many. 

This collection dives deep into water, an element representing the fluidity of our paths in life. Aqueous opals and turquoise harmonize with shimmering diamonds and sapphires, inspiring gorgeous palette play for water’s ever-changing form. Consider the glisten of a teardrop, the ephemeral quality of a cloud, or the steady symphony of rain. Even the profundity of oceans reveals layers, with its waves forever shifting between seismic strength and softness. 

Over and over, water reminds us that change is constant, and we are all continually transforming and growing through the unexpected. Here’s to looking deep into our own depths and endless facets, and finding true strength to live in the fullness of our human expression.


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