On Motivation, Movement & Lauren Lovette

Dance, to me, is a poetic language of the body. Each movement carries inflection—a dancer has to pay attention to cadence, rhythm, tone and emphasis. The art of creating the actual sentence (and really, the entire story) however, belongs solely to the choreographer.

Lauren Lovette Formation Sketch

Photo by Henry Thong
That’s why I couldn’t help becoming truly entranced by Lauren Lovette, a principal dancer-turned-choreographer for the New York City Ballet. Female choreographers are rare in classical ballet, and watching her take the stage and find her own voice has been absolutely empowering.

Video by Henry Thong

In the short documentary above, Lovette describes her experience and her passion for moving people physically and emotionally: “It’s not about me making the stance, doing what I want perfectly. It’s about discovering them and what they like to do, and what makes them feel alive… what I can unlock out of them that people haven’t seen before... [you] feel connected to these people and making them look and feel beautiful.”

Hearing her speak about channeling the human elements that connect us all resonated with me, and I believe that urge is the basis of all art forms, jewelry included. It gives me the greatest joy to see my designs as a part of someone’s life story, and making you, and the ones you love, feel beautiful.

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